Top Spots To Enjoy the Best Spa in Southern Tasmania

Accommodation Dover Tasmania

Have you been looking for the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a soothing spa session in Southern Tasmania? There are so many reasons why you might need some spa time. It’s about time you sit back and pamper yourself a bit. 

The Far South of Tasmania is an ideal place to relax. It is surrounded by nature, giving you a peaceful and serene ambience during your stay. Whether you are going on a vacation with your partner or your family, having a gorgeous spa at the place you’re staying is just the romantic treat or relaxation space you need. Fortunately, there are plenty of accommodations that can give you an excellent private spa experience along with the other comforts you would want from a holiday in Southern Tasmania.

Here is a list of accommodations in Dover and surrounding areas in Southern Tasmania that have an outdoor spa you can enjoy with a scenic view.

Fair Winds

Fair Winds Property

This beautifully crafted three-bedroom home sits on the banks of the magnificent Huon River. You can marvel at the stunning views as you soak in a calming bubble bath in the large outdoor spa.

Esperance Landing

This is the perfect place for a family retreat or a romantic getaway. It has quiet surroundings with a fantastic view over the Huon Channel that you can see from your own private hot tub found on an expansive deck.

The Beach House

Take in the idyllic views as you relax in your own private Jacuzzi hot tub while sipping on your drink of choice. This 2-bedroom cottage is known for its front row seats to Dover’s stunning water and mountain vistas.

The Boat House

Make the most out of your peninsula experience as you bask in the stunning views of Dover’s beautiful bay and Adamsons Peak. You can relax, and enjoy a romantic evening in your hot tub built for two while soaking up the rugged and majestic scenery.

Cape House

This is an exclusive hideaway that boasts exquisite water views and a charming contemporary interior house design. It has a heated outdoor hot tub on its wide timber deck, where you can enjoy the panoramic water views.

Rock Lobster

This holiday home is perfect for romantic getaways where you can enjoy each other’s company in your private hot tub under the stars. You can then wake up to the beautiful view of Southport’s bay extending to Bruny Island.

Start Booking For Your Spa Stay

Why limit your spa time to a few hours when you can enjoy it during your entire holiday? Essentially Tas offers suitable accommodation options according to your needs. There is a long list of choices when it comes to cottages with the best spa experience in Southern Tasmania.