The Best Places for Romantic Escapades in Huon Valley

Are you celebrating your anniversary soon? Finding a perfect place to spend an intimate moment with your loved one? Enjoy a romantic luxury retreat at Huon Valley and Far South. You can look at self-contained cottages and unique properties with magnificent water views. You and your loved one are sure to have the most memorable stay at Huon Valley.

Whether it’s for your honeymoon, anniversary, or proposal, Huon Valley has the perfect ambiance to set a romantic mood for your trip. Also, there are many activities that both of you can enjoy. Essentially Tas helps couples choose the perfect romantic accommodation in the Far South.

At Huon Valley, it’s all the romantic views you can imagine — from the breathtaking lake view to the countless stars by the bay. 

Accommodations For An Intimate Stay

If you want to disconnect from others and spend some time together, you can book your stay at the Boat House in Dover. You can luxuriate in your hot tub built for two while overlooking the stunning view over Dover’s magnificent bay. For a more exclusive experience, you can choose our Esperance Landing accommodation in Brooks Bay. You can see the entire Huon River from its wide deck. If you opt for a beach view, then the Rock Lobster in Southport is the ideal destination for you. You and your loved one can stroll across the beach by day and bask in a private hot tub under the stars at night.

Magical Sunset Soiree in the Far South

Imagine watching the sunset as an intimate guitar concert plays in the background.  Maestro Robert, a virtuoso guitarist and die-hard romantic, makes sure to play beautiful tunes to set the mood. Whatever the occasion may be, a sunset soiree makes any moment magical and memorable for you and your loved one.

Romantic Dates on Local Cafes

Your entire Huon Valley trip won’t be complete if you don’t try their local food on a luxurious gourmet meal. The restaurants and local wineries have quite an idyllic and historical setting, giving a laid-back atmosphere as you enjoy your order. Known for having the best distillery, you can always add one of the best local wines to your menu.

An Adventure For Two

If you two are up for some adventure, Huon Valley is jam-packed with activities that couples can enjoy together. You can hike at the Hartz Mountains, go through the ancient Hastings Caves, or book a cruise across the peninsula. There are also plenty of water activities you can try, like the Esperance kayak tours and with the Huon Jet Boats.

Book your Romantic Escapade Today!

Huon Valley boasts magnificent views and unique accommodations for couples who want to make their trip extra memorable. Essentially Tas can arrange everything for you so that you and your loved one wouldn’t need to worry about anything during the entire trip. All there is left to do is enjoy each other’s company and the beautiful nature surrounding you two.