Family-Friendly Activities You Can Do at Huon Valley

Are you planning on a trip with your family in Southern Tasmania? It’s a good thing that the Far South has passed through your mind when it comes to family getaways. Huon Valley is filled with places and activities that you and your family can enjoy.

Do you have older kids or small ones? Are you travelling with a pet? Whichever is the situation, Huon Valley and the Far South offers unique accommodations and different kinds of itineraries. If you are still weighing your options, check out all the family-friendly activities you can do at Huon Valley:

Family Staycation

At southern Tasmania, each accommodation is surrounded by wildlife. It has every scenery and the sheer beauty of nature has to offer. If you opt for a view of the lake, sea, rainforest, or mountains, you can have all those options for your family’s stay. Essentially Tas offers the best accommodation suited to your family’s preference. They have pet-friendly properties overlooking Dover’s stunning bay at Seascapes. If you want the view of the magnificent Huon River as you enjoy with your family on an outdoor spa, Fair Winds at Brooks Bay is the perfect option.

Water Activities

Are you travelling with older kids? If you are, then you should add this adrenaline-stimulating activity in your trip. Join a kayak tour and other water activities across Esperance Bay, Huon River, and Recherche Bay. Essentially Tas offers the Far South Experience package where you can easily book this for your entire family.


Hartz Mountains National Park is located at the mouth of the southwest wilderness in Tasmania. This part of the Far South boasts its magnificent views of mountain ranges — not to mention, you get to pass along a variety of vegetation and vast rainforests.

Peninsula Cruising

If you are looking for a less rigorous activity for your family, then you can book for a luxurious cruise across the southernmost waters of Australia. The beautiful waterways will surely have you and your family in awe. For fishing and other arrangements, you can contact a representative from Essentially Tas to manage your cruise for you.

Tours and Sailing

Take your sailing adventure on a new level with our Yukon wooden ships. Unlike cruising, you and your family can get the chance to sail among yourselves—no experience required for this activity. It can also be an ideal activity for you to bond and work together as a family

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A lot of activities await for you and your family at Huon Valley. You can embrace the beauty of nature in southern Tasmania while having the best adventure you can all share. By the end of this trip, everyone in your family is going to feel relaxed and rested as they deserved. Can’t wait to book for your next family staycation? Contact us today!